How To Use The E-Massager


The Electropulse-Massager should only be used as a natural pain reliever or muscle recovery device. For severe pain or illnesses, we highly suggest to consult with your physician before using the E-Massager.



1) Before using the E-Massager, we recommend dampening your skin with water or a wet towel to amplify the electropulses and reduce skin friction when using the E-Massager.
2) Input two (x2) AAA batteries located on the side arm of the device. 


Switch the E-Massager device to "ON" located in the back portion of the neck collar.


Once the device is on, turn on the "MODE" setting to "ON" located on the right arm of the device.


To switch modes, continue to press the MODE button until you've reached your desired setting.
To verify the mode you selected, refer to the display located on the back of the neck collar.
Please refer to the chart below to choose your desired mode:

Once your mode is selected, use the "FREQUENCY" activator to increase or decrease the intensity of the electro pulses. (Please note: the frequency level is automatically switched to level 2 once your mode is selected).
(Frequency levels: 1 - Light to 9 -  Very Strong)
Button HIGH - increases frequency level
Button LOW - decreases frequency level
Please use this device responsibly as levels 6-9 can deliver extremely powerful electropulses.
When using the E-Massager and the T.E.N.S. Pulse Pads simultaneously, the frequency level on the T.E.N.S. pulse pads are felt stronger due to the conductive gel adhesive the pulse pads have.
Thus, the T.E.N.S. Pulse Pads are only to be used on muscle groups to help accelerate muscle recovery. We advise you to please DO NOT use the Pulse Pads along your neck or anywhere along your head region.
You are able to use both electro therapy devices simultaneously or separate. Just simply remove the TENS pulse pads auxiliary jack from the E-Massager and you’ll be good to go.


For any further assistance, please reach out to us at